All abilities trek to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko - Australia's highest peak

All abilities trek to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko - Australia's highest peak
All abilities trek to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko - Australia's highest peak - © Jennifer Johnson 2008

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Welcome Accessible Tourism Research

I am Simon Darcy and I teach and research in sport, tourism and diversity management. All my research is industry linked with the private sector, third sector or government organisations. I am actively involved in community advocacy projects and passionately believe in the rights of all people to fully participate in community life.

Why did I start the blog?
The areas in which I have chosen to dedicate my work are important areas that have received little academic or industry attention in Australia or internationally. My work in accessible tourism and diversity management has gained national and international recognition from academic and industry practitioners. I take the knowledge arising from my academic rigour into the public policy and market arena to develop enabling management practices to create a more just society. I have held numerous board and management committee positions with government and community organisations. These involvements have been widely recognised through community, academic and university awards for disability, diversity and social justice work. I receive a great deal of satisfaction working in this area, as I strongly believe in therights of all Australians regardless of their backgrounds to fully participate in all the rights of citizenship.

I am regularly contacted about my research and the field of accessible tourism research.

This blog will become the site to post a history of the field, breakthroughs and research as it becomes available.

Simon Darcy


  1. Nice Blog Simon
    Lots of interesting articles which show that accessible tourism is becoming a world wide requirement and cannot be seen any more as a 'niche mnarket'.
    Can I ask if the holiday report published by Australia For All Alliance which can be downloaded from our web site: could be added under the Rolling Rains Report (I am a member of a couple of groups on Tour Watch). I think it has a lote of statistics and information that (although it only applies to Australia) people in different parts of the world will find these interesting and I think the figures in this survey can be a reflection of what is going on internationally.

    I am sure your blog will get a lot of attention in the coming months. We will advise our members about it at our next monthly meeting.

    Many thanks
    Sheila King
    Web Co-ordinator
    Australia For All Alliance - Accessing The World.

    Many thanks

  2. Thanks Sheila.
    Sure - send the link through.


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